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Technology finds its value in its ability to empower business owners and decision makers. Data, i.e. facts, are the only reliable basis for decisions. What is working? What is not? In business, capturing, maintaining and interpreting this data is vital to your success. 

Value Proposition

  Software as a Service (SaaS) just makes sense for businesses and organizations today. "Off the Shelf" software applications are narrow in their scope, hard to expand and/or integrate with and must be purchased and maintained.  The value of merging and collating data (Business Intelligence) becomes very expensive. JWC Company offers Custom Software Design, Web Applications & Hosted Applications, which means all the technical infrastructure, servers, databases, backups, firewalls, etc., and their maintenance is included in one monthly fee saving you thousands of dollars. We're your answer for a reliable Software Company.     

Our Products

JWC Company offers standard hosted CRM systems that can be used as is, or customized for your business needs. We can also set up or integrate our systems with your existing website. Your entire "web presence" can be created and maintained for you!

Current Development Projects

Development on our Customer Ninja CRM Standard has begun. It will join Personal Ninja to give customers 2 choices in sets of features to chose from.

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A combined 30+ years of business & technology experience. 



Business decisions  "make themselves" when you have the data.



When working with us, we're in it together. not an option!  

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